About us

Quality and Safety are our core commitment. Our cumulated experience since 1996 contribute to a clear target:
Maintain your assets at the highest level of integrity and safety.

Contact : +33 (0)9 5293 1438

Our Skills

OpenR is a service provider of the wind industry. Our engineers will inspect your installations, support your experts and supervise your works worldwide.

Based on a strong QSE organization, we are delivering technical inspections and regulatory checks.

Our teams are trained in accordance with GWO and BZEE references. They are the flag of our company and are able to operate most of all the turbines models.

Our flexibility is to provide the necessary support for the operation and maintenance which increase the global efficiency of your assets.

Our References

Mandatory checks : cranes, lifts, anchor points

Inspections : visual, ultrasonic survey of MV and HV installations, vibrations, lidar management…

Supports : accompaniment, QSE back offices

Management : installation and commissioning, main components replacements, dismantling

Maintenance : fire extinction, installation and maintenance of sensorics

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

OpenR has joined the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group
(LDA) in 2019. LDA offers a large scope of services for onshore and
offshore assets:

  • Assessments for Onshore and Offshore wind farms
  • Cable laying for Offshore wind farms
  • Maintenance services on Offshore wind farms