Regulatory Inspection

“We perform our services in total autonomy, in several brands of turbines, without support from the operator or maintenance provider (machine stop, SCADA access, rotor blocking etc.)”

Regulatory inspection according to the Labor Code

We have COFRAC accreditation for periodic regulatory inspections of lifting equipment (suspended lifts, hoists) installed in wind turbines

We also carry out periodic inspections of Personal Protective Equipment Against Falls from a Height (PPEAC), anchor points and lifelines, fire extinguishers, electrical equipment, electrical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), rescue/escape equipment and first aid kits.

Inspection and overhaul of rescue/evacuation devices

In addition to periodic inspection, OPENR is authorized by the manufacturers SHE SOLUTION, SKYLOTEC, TSL to :

  • Periodic servicing according to manufacturers’ recommendations (10, 15, 20 years…)
  • Revision due to deterioration
  • Revision of high frequency equipment used by training centers

Large Wind

The services are offered only within the framework of the “Grand Eolien” for the equipment embedded in the wind turbines.