OpenR offers maintenance and inspection services for offshore wind turbines.

Summer 2021 : Inspection mission of blades off the coast of the Netherlands by our technicians

Since February 2022, OpenR is fully mobilized on the Parc du Banc de Guérande (PBG), the first offshore wind project in France. 6 technicians are working full time on the windfarm.

During the construction, the following services were provided

  • Quality inspections of the nacelles at the port (logistics hub)
  • Quality inspections on the installation vessel at sea (rotations)

The missions carried out during the operating phase include periodic general inspections on site (service lifts, hoists). The opening of the OPENR branch in La Turballe ensures immediate reactivity, which is important to clients. 

The technicians are continuing to upgrade their skills, having already received access training (sea survival, helicopter under escape) and technical training from manufacturers (new equipment, new technologies).